Making Good Gardens Great

The time and dedication you put into your garden can say a lot about you. When everything is green and growing, it makes a wonderful impression on you and your guests, and brings peace to an outdoor space that you can enjoy!

But in order to get that kind of serenity and beauty for your home, you need to know where to go for all the best plants and growing products.

You need to come see us at Whit & Park.

Here at Whit & Park, we offer an incredible selection of outdoor items for your garden, including:

• Unique Plants (Tropicals, Air Plants, Succulents, Etc)
• Fountains, Birdbaths & Statuary
• Gazing Balls
• Birdhouses
• Fairy Gardens & Accessories
• Terrariums
• Fire Pots
• Lotus Grills
• Outdoor Furniture

We also do custom plant arrangements!

WP Home and Garden

For more information about Whit & Park,
please call us at 306-586-2929 (East location) 306-584-1565 (South location)